Guide: Body-Safe Sex Toy Materials

Guide: Body-Safe Sex Toy Materials

If you are new to sex toys, it may surprise you just how necessary the materials are when choosing a product. Sadly sex toys aren't regulated very well, so not all are made with body-safe materials.

Furthermore, body-safe sex toy materials are very varied and will offer different experiences depending on the type you use and your preferences. I've put together this guide for consulting when purchasing on to ensure you are aware that you are spending your money wisely and getting a longer-lasting product, but most importantly, that you know you are not putting your health at risk.

What Does Body Safe Mean?

At Loli's Nook, we only sell sex toys made of body-safe materials – but what does that mean? We break body safety down into three parts:

  • Porosity: Whether the material it is made from can harbor bacteria and fungus. Some of the materials used to make sex toys are porous. They have microscopic holes where bacteria can hide and reproduce – even if you clean the toy's surface. Porous sex toys cannot be sterilized and can cause yeast infections and transmit diseases.
  • Chemical Composition: Some sex toys have been found to include chemicals that have caused itching, burning, and even tissue damage. For example, phthalates are common plasticizers used to make plastics softer. They are also a likely carcinogen and may cause neurological and reproductive issues. Another typical example is glycerin in lubricants – which can cause yeast infections. 
  • Safe Design – Whether the shape and features of a sex toy are safe to use. For example, any toy designed for anal use must have a broad flared base to ensure it isn't lost or stuck. 

Luckily, more and more sex toy manufacturers have listened to customer demand and are making high-quality, body-safe sex toys.

Body Safe Materials

The easiest way to ensure that the sex toy you buy is body safe is to check what it is made from. There are lots of materials that are non-porous and chemically safe to use for sex toys. These include:


Silicone is one of the best body-safe sex toy materials. It is non-porous and non-toxic and can be made in different densities and textures. This means you can have super firm or soft and squishy silicone, depending on your desire. It can be colored all the colors of the rainbow (literally) and be made metallic, glittery, and even glow in the dark! 

Silicone Sex toys are compatible with almost all lubricants. Despite what you might have heard, in general, you can use silicone based lube with silicone toys. There are a few exceptions, so we recommend doing a small patch test to check. Just dab a small amount of silicone lube on the toy and leave for a few minutes. Don't use that lube on that toy if it gets tacky or starts to deform.

Spiky Bunny, Discreet Vibrator from Loli's Nook

ABS Plastic

ABS Plastic (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene for those who want to get specific) is a very stable hard plastic that is commonly used in vibrators with dust covers. It is a great, versatile material that is often cheaper than silicone and can be an excellent choice for people who are watching their budget. 


If it can be used to make a hip replacement, you can use it to make a dildo! High-quality, stable metals such as stainless steel, titanium, and aluminum, as well as precious metals like gold and silver, are safe and exciting options for sex toys. Toys made from metal will be super firm and heavy and great for temperature play. If you have any allergies, keep an eye out for cheaper metal toys that might contain nickel. 


Glass sex toys are, in general, very safe and can be absolutely beautiful. Reputable companies will use borosilicate glass which is the stuff that cookware is made from. It is tough and challenging to chip or shatters.

It is crucial, however, to ensure that you only buy them from reputable sources, as there are some horror stories out there. The design of a glass sex toy is fundamental. Avoid anything with thin or narrow sections that could be breaking points if they are not made well.  

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We had a small bag of cheap toys we bought back in the early 90s. Fast forward to ‘today’ when I’m learning that most of them are toxic. We have changed our ways and have a whole new bag of body safe toys thanks to articles like this.


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